Hebei Xinli Fastener Co.,Ltd. Is specially engaged in the production and research of high quality fastener, with all kind of high strength fastener and also the company process the refinedsteel wire production. The factory zone covers an area of over 50000 square meters, and it annually produces more than 40000 tons of fasteners and near 50000 tons of refinement steel wire every year. Our product fully completely conform with the customers requirements.

                        The company have about 150 staff and more than 30% of them have over 10 years work experience. It has formed an integrated process flow including raw materials、mold、products processing and also have the spheroidizing annealing treatment、heat treatment、surface treatment. The company possessed advanced production and inspection equipment with 22 units of multi-stage cold header、3 sets of continuous carburizing quenching furnaces, 3 sets of spheroidizing annealing treatment, 10 units of drawing equipments and more than 15 sets of hot forging special equipment. Also the factory have the professional testers and equipments.

                        The company has passed ISO 9001-2008 quality system certification. Through the quality system ensures that every processing steps from raw materials to finished products strictly abide to the standard production technique so as to guarantee the best product quality.

                        We sincerely welcome customers from worldwide contact us by any means or visit us for long term cooperation,we are ready to offer you the best quality products with the best service.